Capt. Kirk is a Shaman

William Shatner. Great fun.  


I actually met Mr. Shatner in Jacksonville, FL back in 1999 and he was a great showman.  Loved the crowd and loved to talk personally with people.  He looked healthy and active and gave me a tip on horse racing.

Star Trek meets World of Warcraft pg__v46863272_.gif

(A musing of the Enterprise Holodeck program entitled… “to Azeroth and Beyond!”  the program starts up, danger level settings are “kill or be killed” and Warsong Gulch ensues…)


  • Captain James T. Kirk – Tauren Shaman “You’re no doubt wondering: Hey, Shatner. How do I hurl bolts of lighting?”
  • Dr. Spock – Undead Warlock
  • Khan – Dr. Spock’s Imp Pet 
  • Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott- Tauren Warrior & Gnomish Engineer
  • Leonard “Bones” McCoy – Undead Priest
  • Lt. Worf – Orc Warrior Thrall
  • Lt. Sulu – Undead Rogue


  • Captain Picard – Murloc Druid … “there are FOUR lights! mrllmlllgrmrgllba!”
  • Lt. Commander Will Riker – Ret Paladin
  • Wesley Crusher – Gnome Mage & Sqwishy
  • Data – “Human” Rogue & Repair Bot 300
  • Geordie LaForge – Gnome Mage & Goblin Engineer
  • Checkov – Dwarf Hunter
  • “Q” – Leeroy Jenkins & Changes from Ninja to Noggenfogger Skeleton constantly & jumps up and down constantly & types in party chat “afk“, “wrong button, srry“, “I need water. Hello Mages!!??“, “DI me! DI me !“, “This bores me. Who wants to pug Heroic Black Morass?” & whenever loot drops he types “L2P Humans!” & uses the Goblin transporter at every chance & throws snowballs at melee classes when trying to run out of Blood Furnace end boss Keldan the Breaker “come closer, closer and BURN!” & rides a reindeer in Azeroth & rides a chariot with 2 Phoenix Flying Mounts leading it in Outlands.  This flying mount can move at Warp 200 or 920% speed with the label inscription “Enterprise” on it  This is a very fast mount.

That is all.


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