Zul’Aman snippets & General Gear Selection


1st try in Zul’Aman with my guild.  I came late to the party, but they had 1-shotted the birdy boss, bear boss gave troubles but ended up with a dirt nap.  Lynx boss downed too.  Walked to the next event area with the raid only to find heaps of trouble and late night fatigue setting in.


  • Prot Warrior
  • Feral Druid  / then subbed in Prot Warrior
  • Holy Priest
  • Holy Paladin
  • Holy Paladin
  • Mage
  • Rogue / then subbed in Shaman (me!)
  • Hunter
  • Hunter
  • Warlock

My 5 player party: Hunter, Hunter, Warrior, Warlock & myself (blue players above are in my group).  So, my buffs were mostly for the hunters.  GoA, Strength totem and Mana Spring totem for the warlock in my party.  No rogues to kick, so I Earth Shocked the Troll mages when their castbars started to fill.

Earth Elemental I did pop Earth Elemental totem at one point and it did a fine job of holding a loose Troll.  I never saw if the healers were healing my Earth Elemental, but that could have helped too.  I was surprised how well little Rocky did considering the Trolls of Zul’Aman.   

Lots of places to Ghost Wolf around and mount up for.  Sometimes, we’ll just all mount up and charge into a group so we can stun lock/slow the scouts and therefore stop them from calling for backup.  Troll adds are almost as bad as Murlocs.


Troll Scouts – The troll scouts run better than murlocs with an iritable bladder!  Don’t let them run to bang on the drums.  The drums summon more trolls to beat you down with.  Ouch wipe fest!  Frawst-Shawk works pretty well on the troll scouts, but beware of any adds the scout summons because any dps on the scout will bring the adds to you!  Better to have a warrior charge/hammy the scout as well as hunter concussion shot the scout too.  Mages trying to slow the scout will end up with heaps of unwanted aggro when adds come in.


Spell Steal One nifty trick our mage Druex found out is that the troll fire-mages throw up a buff on themselves for instant casting.  Yes, you guessed it.  Druex the mage stole that buff and made it his own.  Instant casting mage spells are sooooo nifty.


Overall, ZA is about Crowd Control and swift execution.

Drops tonight were:

Pauldrons of Primal Fury

Spaulders of the Advocate

I’d love to post some stats and wws data, but I will get more next time.


To Brageth (fellow enhancement shaman) who wanted to know what to start out with gear wise pre-raiding: 

Gear Selection for Enhancement Shamans:

Try http://www.lootzor.com/index.php?c=7&l=70&b=0&s=-1&r=7&g=3&i=10&z=5&p=beu2hbfu1.8hecu2hedu1.4heeu1

Lootzor lets you compile lists of gear based on certain stat requirements the above link is from the Elitest Jerks thread and use stats from that assuming you will have Blessing of Kings (so 10 Str is better than 20 Attack Power).

Same as above but changes to ‘Low Raid’ gear, no idea what your gear is like but if the first link isn’t for you this one might be of more help:  http://www.lootzor.com/index.php?c=7&l=70&b=0&s=-1&r=7&g=3&i=10&z=3&p=beu2hbfu1.8hecu2hedu1.4heeu1  (Oh and ignore the weapons and armor, they’re only based on Stats and not dps)


You can of course refine the search for your own needs.  It’s linked under useful links at

Credits: http://leaht.wordpress.com/, http://elitistjerks.com/f31/t13297-enhance_shaman_collected_works_theorycraft_vol_i/, http://www.lootzor.com


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