Karazhan to Opera



Just some brief raid stats on our last trip into Karazhan.  2nd in overall damage output, but I did heal vs. Maiden and two rogues Ozonea & Nightelfben switched spots sometime during the raid (count 11 people in the list).

1st night- to Opera (badge run)!  Who?

  • Druid Tank
  • Paladin Tank
  • Holy Paladin  
  • Resto Shaman
  • Enhancement Shaman (me!)
  • Rogue
  • Rogue
  • Rogue
  • Mage
  • Shadow Priest

So, I was 2nd in dps overall, but at 510 dps… nothing to party about.  We had 3 rogues in there so that was fun vs. Maiden.

Here’s a full summary on lil’ shammy.


The good:  Crits were good at 38%.  I think I can do better on crits.  Would like to see it over 40% crit rate.  Windfury was 32% of the attacks (I am dual-wielding of course) and noticed that WF is hit capped at 6% miss rate. Hmm!!   So… missed 16.8% of white damage hits, so that means I missed out on approx 20K damage. 

  • Missed average white damage (not including glancing) = Normal Misses + Crit Misses
  • Missed average white damage =
    ((((Actual Hits * Miss Rate)+Actual Hits)*(1-Crit Rate))*Avg Damage)*Miss Rate) +
    ((((Actual Hits * Miss Rate)+Actual Hits)*(Crit Rate))*Avg Damage)*Miss Rate)
  • Missed average white damage =
    ((((397*16.8%)+397)*(1-38%))*271*16.8%) +
  • Missed average white damage =
    13,088.9 +
  • Missed average white damage =

The bad: Not enough dps for SSC/TK.  Our rogue and mages and hunters get near the 800-1000 dps mark.  Might be steep hill to climp on that one. Need to bump up dps with better gear.  Also, even though my +hit rating is 115 & my miss% is pretty low (16.8%), I would wager a lot of raid enhancement shamans (RES) would go for more +hit rating.  Earth & Flame shocks only at 7% crit rate. Yuck.

The ugly:  My biggest crit was 1785. I have done some 2300 and 2800 crits with my Dragonmaw before, Oh well.  Also, try not to end up healing on Maiden so I can dps her next time.  I didn’t pot or flask during the entire raid on Karazhan. 

Compared to a Black Temple enhance shammy, Brage, where his dps in SSC is well over 800.  I need some buffage I think.

Hyross @842dps/ 27.5%miss rate/46% crit rate :


Leotheras @928 dps/10% miss rate/46% crit rate:


If I had 842 dps vs. Hydross my guild leader would fall over backwards. 

My goals: 

  • AP: 1336  (check)
  • Crit: 23 (check: already over that, geez.. like 32%) 
  • Hit: 170 (big X: here’s where I need to work most because my current +Hit is 115, but I shouldn’t worry about hit too much according to Elitist Jerks)
  • Health 7218 (check) 
  • Mana: 6305 (check) 

Attumen the Huntsman

I really don’t know why I was tops on Damage to Attumen, but I like the looks of it!


Too many melee vs. Maiden
We had 2 shot at Maiden because we basically had too many melee in when she did her big chaining Holy Wrath that ended up nailing our tank for 17,321 damage in one KA-POW!  I switched to my +1460 Healing set and just did Bolts of Lightning and backup healing on the raid.  She went down for good after that. 

Looks like Maiden does in fact target shaman totems. Each of the totems below was eating a Holy Fire from Maiden.  Even Romulo doesn’t like our Resto Shaman’s Wrath of Air totem.


If we get to Prince tomorrow night, I’ll post the rest of the Kara story.


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