Heroic Mech

Pugged a group for heroic Mechanar last night.  Quick badge run for me, I would like to get 50 Badges of Justice to have when I upgrade, but it looks like some of my current gear doesn’t really need much in terms of Badge upgrading.  I need to get Nether Vortex*5 from the SSC/TK, then I can upgrade my hammer to Dragonstrike.


Pretty fast run, even after the Mech badge running nerf.  I still like the quick kills and how the Destroyers are not nearly as bad w/o Charged Fist.   Basically, whenever I saw Charged Fist on the ole enemy castbar for Destroyers, Earth Shock to remove it!  Let’s see, party was :

  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Shadow Priest
  • Holy Paladin
  • Shaman

So I gave Grace of Air, Mana Spring, Strength of Earth totems for the group. 


We finished all bosses even the 2nd boss with the fast fire elementals.  Everyone except the tank and I died before my Windfury crit smacked her for 1587 damage.



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