Nalorakk, Akil’zon, Halazzi

Ventured into Amani troll lands today with the uber raiders from our guild.  With two of the best druids around for tanks, we downed the 1st three bosses Nalorakk, Akil’zon and Halazzi. 


  • Druid Feral
  • Druid Feral
  • Rogue
  • Fury Warrior
  • Shaman enhance (me!)
  • Hunter
  • Shaman resto
  • Mage
  • Paladin holy
  • Paladin holy
  • Priest holy/disc

The blue colored raiders above were in my group, so party buffs were Windfury, Strength of Earth, Mana spring and sometimes Searing Totems. 


Interesting note on Nalorakk: we wiped on the 1st attempt when the bear tanks in my party had more Agility from Grace of Air totems, but our DPS was a little behind … in fact we didn’t make it to the 10 minute timer.  On the 2nd attempt (without the trash mobs in front of Nalorakk on this try), I used Windfury exclusively and the fury warrior and rogue in my group did some major damage output.  In fact, it only took us a little over 5 minutes to down the bear avatar with Windfury and extra effort fom everyone.  My miss rate was 18%.  WWS reported 101% dps uptime from our rogue.  Thanks WWS 🙂







Melee have it nice on this fight.  Our strategy was more centered for the lightning storms, so it was a quick hop to the lightning storm focus area and easy to run back for melee output.  You think might be able to correct it’s calculations, rogue at 101% dps time.  Nice for ole sneaky sneak rogue.  My miss rate was at 18%.

Oh yeah!  Exploit to get past the guantlet:  when you start up the ramp towards Akil’zon’s area, have a hunter go behind your party and wait for the mobs that come up behind the party.  Have the Hunter distance himself from the main party & attack the mobs that come up behind you.  The Hunter can then Feign Death after engaging the mobs behind the raid group, and the mobs will reset!  They will not continue to come up behind the raid party while you ascend up the hills towards Akil’zon!  How nice indeed.   

Works without a hunter too.   Make a rogue hit the rear approaching mobs with blind, then Vanish.  The mobs will reset and allow you unfettered access up the ramp to Akil’zon.





Overall, I tried to smash the Corrupted Lightning Totems from Halazzi & I died during the fight (89% dps time), so my damage output suffered a bit.  Killing the Lynx when the avatar splits seemed to work heaps better than focusing on Halazzi the whole time.  My miss rate was at 12%.





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