Miners on Strike!


I’ve quickly ramped up mining from 1 to 370 and it takes a fair amount of travel time to get to those leveling nodes.  Easier than other professions for sure, but still time consuming.  I personally like the Bloodstone mine in Northeast Arathi & the mithril Ogre cave in Soutwest Badlands.

 Miners everywhere are farming for gold like crazy and I for one am going on strike (mostly to get some rest).

 Nice that they added a chair so us miners can rest for a spell in between swings of the pick!


On a side note, raiding on Zul’Aman again, this time without a fury warrior.  Was 2nd place on damage for both Nalorakk and Akil’zon.


Miss rates were better this go around ( 18%).  I really like these two bosses in the beginning of Zul’Aman, very melee friendly fights.



      Fury of the Ursine


Miss rates were mucho better than last tangle with the Eagle Avatar (16%), but I still had to heal myself a fair amount so the dps time was shorted a smidgeon.



      Signet of Ancient Magics


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