Shaman vs. Void Reaver, take II


Back to Void Reaver last night and melee were kicking it into high gear again, but I think we got pounded a bit more from VR this time than last time we downed the big robot.

In fact, our guild killed Void Reaver in the fastest time ever in 8 minutes flat: a guild record!

My party this time:

  • Fury Warrior
  • Rogue (swords)
  • Rogue (swords)
  • Rogue (sword + dagger)
  • Shaman (me)


Got in at #4 damage output for Void Reaver behind two rogues and our Fury Warrior.  Last week I was at #6, so up two spots!

Buffs were Windfury Totem, Strength of Earth Totem, Mana Spring and Searing Totem.  I did pop the hot headed Greater Fire Elemental totem too even though his miss rate is 33% vs. Void Reaver.  My gear has been upgraded a little bit.  I resisted Arcane damage from the Pounding from Void Reaver a whole 19.3% probably because I had equipped a +45 Arcane Resistance trinket.   Last week I resisted a whopping 4.4% of the Arcane Poundings from Void Reaver.

My miss rate: 15.7% (last time vs. Void Reaver my miss rate was 20.1% so did much better this go round).  My hit rating was 175 this time vs. last time at 115 hit rating.


Looks like our top rogue got 53 extra attacks with Windfury, but the others only got like 22 or 28 extra windfury attacks.  Anyone have an idea why this would happen?  This party of five was close to me and my Windfury totem the entire time, and I am pretty sure they did not have any poisons applied on their main hand weapons.  A real puzzle for me.  Any clues out there?  Update: I figured out why our Darkensoul and Ravaner rogues were getting so many Windfury extras, duh!, they simply had more hits.


I did heal myself a lot more than I would normally like, but I’d rather heal and get back to DPS duty than take a dirt nap underneath the giant robot.  Overall I spent more time on dps (98%) vs. last time where I spent 87% of my time on dps.  Much improved.


The previous night we downed Morogrim Tidewalker.  I was 7th on dps for the fight.  I think I was tombed 2 times during the fight.


Trying A’lar and Solarian soon.  Keep tuned for more updates.


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