Fathom-Lord Karathress Deep Ended

Went in there last night and took him down to China town.


Notes: I was SO ready for Tidalvess duty, but…I was *eek* on Caribdis heal interrupt duty tonight and I have to say…. it stunk!

It didn’t happen all the time last night, but don’t you just love it whenever I can Earth Shock (i.e. spell interrupt) on Caribdis, she manages to heal her friends just fine?  Thank you Blizzard.


and again on …


For Caribdis, I pretty much ended up healing myself a lot, some due to whirlwinds, some due to water bolts, some due to being in Sharkkis range.  I managed to dodge out of the whirlwinds, but only ended up bolted and then too close to Sharkkis range.  I just need to be entirely away from helping dps on Sharkkis.  I apologize for not interrupting the heals last night and I know that made it hard for everyone in the raid.

I was out of the Tidal Surge range, just the water bolts (2700-3400 damage & 45 yard range) were getting me down low on health & those quick heals from Caribdis were hard to ‘cancel self heal + earth shock’ in less than 1 second.  The old standby of stopcasting+/cast Earth Shock macro should help out with that… next time!  Wish I had better prepared to use that macro before the raid last night, could have saved my butt on spell interrupts many, many times.

I think better placement and more solo healing will keep me alive longer.  If I can stay above 3.75k health (one water bolt damage), then the Earth Shock spell interrupts will be so much easier.

Make sure you have Frost Resistance Totem up for Caribdis it will save you and others a load of damage from the Water Bolt Volley.

Macro for shamans out there for use in Karathress interrupt duty:

/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/cast [target=focus] Earth Shock(rank 1)

Don’t forget to heal thyself!

/cast [target=player] Healing Wave


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