Leotheras One-Shot / Fathom-Lord Karathress Adds Downed

Our latest foray into Serpentshrine Cavern we shimmied up to Leotheras (and had our obligatory raid wipe 2 pulls before pulling Leotheras).  We 1-shot him down on the 1st attempt.  I think people were just hungry to down this guy…. so we did!

My party within the raid:

  • Fury Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Rogue
  • Feral Druid
  • Shaman (me)

Buffs tonight were Windfury, Strength of Earth, Mana Spring and of course loads of Searing Totem too.  I think the call for Heroism went out about at roughly 50%.  Our fury warrior died within the 1st 2 minutes, so I probably should have switched to Grace of Air.   I was pretty anxious about getting hit by the Whirlwind from Leotheras, so I hung back a bit on dps until the ‘coast is clear’for all out dps.


I think a druid and our priest captain got the tier 5 gloves.

After that, we sized up Fathom-Lord Karathress and did a pretty darn good job of getting down the adds.  We announced for all dps classes to make a handy macro to take down each Spitfire totem from that Shaman:

/tar Spitfire


Hey!  Spitfire Totem has 26,328 health, so pretty much have the entire DPS classes on top of this totem to nuke it hastily while getting the Shaman Tidalvess down.

Our guild raiding note:

Fighting Tidalvess:

DPS moves on to Tidalvess, first. He is the first target and will deal a lot of damage to the raid. Firespit totems can’t be ignored. If you don’t damage it the raid will take too much damage. It must be focused by RANGED DPS as soon as it spawns. It will help your healers’ mana a lot!

After Tidalvess is dead, you should split the healers.


As you can see here, only the hunter captain Monolith and I were tops on the spitfire totem damage.  How many RANGED DPS damaged the Spitfire Totems?  Sadly, not enough it seemed.


  • Monolith: Hunter
  • Asirae: Silly Shaman
  • Druex: Mage
  • Shadowreign & Stardom: Shadow Priests
  • Maajendae: Druid
  • Ravenex: Protection Paladin

Only 1 of the top 5 dps classes managed to put any dps on the totems.  Tell me that WWS is wrong in capturing this damage intake, please tell me that.  I know that Grifiano was calling out “spitfire totem” a lot if not every time a spitfire was dropped, but I didn’t see his damage included in the WWS report & he WAS standing right next to me for almost the entire fight.

I did use the little macro like this and it worked great for the Shaman add (Tidalvess).

/tar Spitfire


/tar Spitfire
/cast <whatever spell/shot you have, e.g.>
/cast Arcane Shot

After the shaman add went down, I switched back to my normal damage rotation.  Only when the last add (Caribdis) went down did I rotate back into my “/tar Spitfire” priority as Karathress will be dropping them until he goes down.

Nevertheless, the adds were handled pretty easily, but the spitfire totems got to our healers and main tank on Karathress so by the time the last add was killed, Karathress one slapped everyone in the raid for a cool raid wipe.

Next time, Fathom-Lord, next time indeedy.



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