Morogrim vs. Shaman


Not a whole lot of update here today. We went into SSC and wiped a number of times on the Tidewalker, Morogrim. This is a real test of healer perfection, and the simplest mistake at the wrong time can cause many deaths. After slogging it out with the giant for about an hour (groan!), he finally went down….and….not loot for me (as usual)!


  • Rogue
  • Rogue
  • Rogue
  • Druid (feral)
  • Shaman (me)!


  • Windfury Totem
  • Frost Resistance Totem
  • Mana Spring/Healing Totem
  • Strength of Earth Totem


Can you believe that my dps was *exactly* the same as last week’s measurement?  And I thought I had upgraded my gear. Phhhht!



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