What I Like About Playing a Shaman


I like playing a shaman because ….

  1. I’m not a rogue, not a paladin, not a warrior, not a druid, not a mage, not a hunter, not a warlock, and not a priest.  I played a hunter, a rogue and a priest in the pre-BC days, but I loved the Horde shaman most. Truly a Warcraft specifc class, not matched in other genres.
  2. Despite nerf after nerf after nerf, the Shaman was still fun to play. Orc shamans were so….. so…. awesome! /y <<BLOODLUST>>!
  3. Fast forward to Burning Crusade and I drifted to Alliance to experience Draenei and Nobundo’s teachings. Asirae was born and leveled up as enhancement, PVPing a lot and taking huge swings with Deep Thunder to one-shot most enemies.
  4. After raiding started, quickly ramped up Resto healing role through Karazhan and got a bit bored with healing. Burning Crusade nerfed Priest class a bit especially with Healing Meters and slight bugs so many priests turned to Shaman for Chain Healing superiority especially 25 person raid healing. I lacked the desire to travel down this easy healing path despite how powerful it would make me & it would haunt my lust for battle in ways I cannot begin to imagine. I returned to the melee enhancement choice with wide grins of our rogues and warriors and have been enjoying WoW ever since.
  5. My record dps on a TK boss: 1626 vs. Solarian.
  6. My record Windfury triple-crit vs. PVP player: 8172 damage vs. Undead Rogue. Stormherald and triple Windfury crits = rare damage spikes of merriment. He must have been extremely unlucky or no resilience gear; or both.
  7. I love the damage dealing facets of this Horde class. As my brother in real life plays an awesome, gritty Paladin complete with tanking and healing skills, I come into play with melee dps and some healing too. We compliment each other pretty well, but haven’t had too much time in-game together lately (mostly because I currently live in an opposite timezone).
  8. As rogues and fury warriors die around me, I can still heal myself or reincarnate and continue to fight on!
  9. The addon Comix that throws up a “SPLAT!”, “Boom!”, or other Batman related combat splash gets crazy when my 45% crit rate starts kicking in. Wham! Swaap! Swish! Chop! Kapow! Klang! Krack! chop.gif
  10. Water walking
  11. Ghost wolf dancing
  12. Ghost wolf summons w/Summoning Stone
  13. Frost Shock lvl 1
  14. Totems

3 Responses to “What I Like About Playing a Shaman”

  1. 1 dwarfpriest February 4, 2008 at 1:02 am

    “The addon Comix that throws up a “SPLAT!”, “Boom!”, or other Batman related combat splash”

    ZOMG! I know I must have been living under a rock or something, but that has to be the best add-on ever. I’m totally going to download that RIGHT NOW.

  2. 2 mleemonkey February 7, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    col soo what game is this exactlly check out my blog

  3. 3 mleemonkey February 7, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    opps nver mind its wow my friend plays that hes the highest level posible i htink

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