A: I use Windfury on my mainhand weapon and also on my offhand. Why? I want more WF procs. More WF procs = More WF swings and more damage. This will almost always beat any other weapon buff.swish-copy.jpg

I set out to do a lot of tests and get some data vs. Flametongue & Frostbrand & Rockbiter. I just ran out of time to do more data gathering, but I came up with a starting set of 2 minute tests. I believe non-WF buffs on your weapons will yield consistent damage, but it will be lower in total than off-hand Windfury will produce for you.

Tests all included the following setup…

  • Drop down only 2 totems: Strength of Earth and Grace of Air
  • 1 Lightning Bolt to start the test
  • 2 minutes of constant autoattack along with
  • Bloodlust Brooch trinket activated whenever it was ready
  • Stormstrike whenever it was ready

That’s all. No Heroism, no potions, no food buffs, no extra shocks. I just left combat after 2 minutes and here’s the results.

  1. 2 Minute Test w/Windfury main & Windfury offhand
  2. 2 Minute Test w/Windfury main & Rockbiter offhand
  3. 2 Minute Test w/Windfury main & Flametongue offhand
  4. 2 Minute Test w/Windfury main & Frostbrand offhand

Looks like the average damage has Windfury offhand the best with 1019 dps, Flametongue 2nd with 953 dps, Rockbiter next and Frostbrand last with 793 dps. You mileage may vary especially when crit rates are hard to measure reliably … but hey… welcome to being an Enhancement Shaman!


As you can see here, the number of hits varies as well as crit %, but I want to point out one key stat among all 4 offhand buffs: the % of Windfury from you.

  • w/Windfury offhand: 32% of total attacks are Windfury
  • w/Rockbiter offhand: 24% of total attacks are Windfury
  • w/Flametongue offhand: 23% of total attacks are Windfury
  • w/Frostbrand offhand: 20% of total attacks are Windfury

But, hey Asirae, what about Rockbiter? The Rockbiter offhand buff produces a higher average Windfury damage (ignoring the crit % of course). What gives?

Rockbiter does produce an average Windfury damage of 842. Nice indeed. Better than a Windfury offhand buff average Windfury damage of 639. However, a Windfury offhand buff increases the total Windfury procs (in this case the offhand of Windfury increased the number of procs by 25%). The total damage output of Windfury (both mainhand and offhand procs) wins over the average Windfury damage gained by using Rockbiter purely by having more Windfury procs.


10 Responses to “Offhand Buff Matrix”

  1. 1 Silyputy-KT February 24, 2008 at 8:58 am

    2 mins is no where near long enough for a reasonable test.

    Take a look at stormstrike for example, the damage varies, as well as the crit chance.

    No matter what you’re running, you need to test it long enough that the damage should be pretty similar. Not like it looks now.

    2 minutes is not long enough for a reliable test w/different offhand buffs.

  2. 2 asirae February 24, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    I agree. This was just a quick test. I described my test so you know where I’m coming from. I don’t pretend to provide a “a reliable test”, just a quick synopsis. Thanks for your input.

    Have you performed some tests? Can you provide your data? If 2-minutes is not enough, then how long would you test?

    Until I see something better, I will use this.

  3. 3 Anonymous February 27, 2008 at 6:19 am

    I dont think this goes under off hand enchant matrix but if I’m using a 3.6 speed two hander and get 5/5 points in Flurry wont that mean that WF wont have a chance to proc off every swing due to me having a weapon swing time of under the 3 sec WF cooldown? I’m wondering if I should put 5/5 points in flurry or a smaller amount.

  4. 4 asirae February 28, 2008 at 12:36 am

    Yeah. I take it that you are PVP, right? You don’t really *need* Flurry using a 2-hander, but what other talents would you get to jump to the next tier of talents in Enhancement? 2 points to Imp. Ghost Wolf? 2 points to Imp. Lightning Shield? They are all kind of lame choices. I would take the Flurry because you really have no other great choices. /sigh

  5. 5 Siqenna March 25, 2008 at 10:11 am

    Was this done with Windfury/Flametounge on the same DPS slow off hands? Or did you attempt this with a fast (relatively equal) dps off hand for the Flametounge? (as I’ve heard that Flametounge scales towards better overall dps with a fast offhand…)

  6. 6 asirae March 25, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    Same ingredients for each quick test. 2.7 speed main-hand and 2.6 speed off-hand.

    Flametounge does get better (more strikes via Flametounge hits), but will not surpass the Windfury in your off-hand for total damage output.

    If I get a test in that proves your theory, I will post the numbers here.

  7. 7 Arithor July 20, 2008 at 11:54 pm

    I looked at the numbers and heres what i thought.

    Reduce the stuff you don’t need for the maths, i.e. white damage, stormstrike, wf on main, and lightning bolt.

    What you hasve is windfury total vs windfury + other
    windfury on both = 40000 = mainwf + oh
    for flametongue = 40000 = mainwf (28000) + oh (12000)
    For frostbrand = 31000 = mainwf (20000) + oh (11000)
    For rockbiter = 36000 = mainwf (26000) + oh (10000 (9672)(62*120*1.3 (time flurry active which is approx 100%)))
    if we assume wf on main is about 27000 then ohwf is equivalent to about 13000. (note this is all approximate maths)
    windfury = 13000
    Flametongue = 12000
    Frostbrand = 11000
    Rockbiter = 10000
    Another test you could try would be get the same weopon in mh and oh. have wf on oh and ft on main and compare. wf will have to be noticably higher than ft to justify (as it will be fighting for proc time against main hand when both wf). Also 2 mins is very short.

    On my investigation at lower levels i found ft ftw on oh.

  8. 8 Kawar September 28, 2008 at 2:52 am

    I would really like to know if any tests were done on a faster OH weapon. When im using FT on fast speed OH, the dps seams to surpass what i would get if I were to use WF on OH.

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