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*Enter shaman spirit dream state* …

I’ve been waiting for Hex for like 3 years now. Finally has some potential with WOTLK.

So, this vid demo shows the following casts:

  • Hex (magic effect)
  • Hex (magic effect)
  • Flame Shock
  • Lava Burst
  • Hex
  • Lava Burst
  • Hex (yes, dmg does not break Hex)
  • Thunder
  • Feral Spirit (target drop w/green circle to summon wolves on enemy to pet tank, yes can heal pet too)

Yeah, although all this stuff seems to be *sandbox* ideas at best right now, still interesting to see how <things that class x wants> goes to another class.

Hex: Transforms the enemy into a random critter, reducing the target’s movement speed by 75%.  While moving, the hexed target cannot attack or cast spells.  Only one target can be hexed at a time.  Only works on Humanoids and Beasts.

Range: 20 yard
Duration: 8 second duration
Cooldown: 1 minute

Note: does not break when Hex target is damaged, i.e. able to beat on things without them being able to beat back
Note: magic effect, can be dispelled, cleansed, w/e
Note: doesn’t heal the target like Polymorph
Note: there doesn’t seem to be a debuff after being hexed, so I would think a few shaman could chain-hex a target for a good amount of time while damaging it with some mechanism for diminishing returns to increase resistance to Hex
Note: the cooldown is not really giving Shaman an effective CC as  Polymorph lasts a good 45 sec and can be recast without a 1 min cooldown


Updated Weapons Index

Updated weapons index here:

Updated June 11, 2008 Finally got the 2.4 adjustments:

  • Blacksmithing Weaponsmith changes (main-hand to one-hand changed and added to off-hand index below).
  • Corrected Talon of the Phoenix Main Hand weapon.
  • Weapon speeds adjusted for EP value indexing.