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A clearing of Tempest Keep (except for the old head-honcho himself, Kael’thas) tonight and more badgers to round up in Karazhan.

I want to improve (gear & skill) for each Tempest Keep run so I keep the stats and compare with previous fights.

Starting off, we downed Al’ar the Phoenix in Tempest Keep with a #10 ranking in overall damage output.

Miss rate (white damage): 18.9% much better than the 22.7% miss rate from last time.

Crit rate (white damage): 32%

Windfury proc rate: 29%




Void Reaver

Loot Reaver still kills a lot of raiders, even on a 1-shot. My damage done getting to #4 overall output to Void Reaver. In fact, I was #4 ranked in damage done back in Dec. 11, 2007.

Miss rate (white damage): 17.8% is actually worse than 15.7% back in Dec. 11, 2007. Hmmm.

Dps now: 784 vs. dps then 689.

Crit rate (white damage): 22%

Windfury proc rate: 27%

Strange that my crit rate and miss rate are worse now compared to Dec. 11, 2007, but my overall dps is higher.



High Astromancer Solarian

I continue to look forward to this fight because the mage has low armor and I can do more dps than any other boss in Tempest Keep. I did get 1626 dps vs. Solarian at one point. That’s the best I’ve done on any Tier 5 (SSC/TK) boss. Overall dps this time was #8 and 1053 dps. Even though I was ranked #6 back in Jan. 14th, my overall dps was 936.

Miss rate (white damage): 12.7% is mucho better than 18.1% on Jan. 14th, 2008.

Crit rate (white damage): 26%

Windfury proc rate: 30%




Still looking forward to the 2.4 badge rewards? I know I am. I just hope Blizzard doesn’t pull a frosty one on us and make the Badge rewards 2.4 Badges only or something.


#3 ranked damage output on Moroes at 730 dps. Miss rate was 17.3% (not too bad) but that ole rogue can still dodge a fair bit (7% dodge rate). Ayep. The only difference from last week’s Karazhan is that I was in survival mode for most of this fight because the Moroes adds were running around mostly free. Last week dps: 946. Last week’s miss rate: 18.8%. Last week’s Windfury crit rate: 50%. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

Crit rate (white damage): 20%

Windfury proc rate: 30%



Maiden of Virtue

Maiden was full of melee this go round. Again like last week, I ranked at #3 in overall damage done. My dps was slightly better at 780 dps vs. 754 dps last week. Only a 22.3% miss rate this time vs. last week’s parry-extravaganza 35.6% miss rate. 15% parries are serious, so I stayed behind the big lass as best I could this time.

Crit rate (white damage): 22%

Windfury proc rate: 34%



Opera – Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf event from Opera was fun (and I don’t remember getting the Little Girl debuff) so I was one of three people who didn’t get killed and survived to rezz up the fallen raiders. Is he really that hard? Or people just not knowing the encounter, bad luck, etc.?

Miss rate (white damage): 12.9% (nice!)

Crit rate (white damage): 27%

Windfury proc rate: 18% (that’s all?! geez. unlucky)




Nightbane last week was horrible. This week was a little better because I only got one Charred Earth near me, so I could dps a fair bit this time. I was the main assist for the Rain of Bones. Managed up a 660 dps and #2 overall damage done to the scary skeletal dragon.

Miss rate (white damage): 15.1%

Crit rate (white damage): 33%

Windfury proc rate: 27%



More next week. Enjoy your WoW.


2 Responses to “Al’ar | Void Reaver | Solarian | Moroes | Maiden | Big Bad Wolf | Nightbane”

  1. 1 maxinq March 11, 2008 at 4:35 pm


    kina stumbled on your blog some time ago, enjoy reading it! quick question on these stats that you’ve posted, is that a program on it’s own? i hope to keep track of these stats as well, i understand it’s sort of dependent on other logging programs, just find your menu to be very clean and easy to read! quite new to this tracking mod thing so apologies for asking! :p

    thanks for the heads up!!

  2. 2 asirae March 11, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    It’s not nearly accurate because it is based on /combatlog from in-game combat logging mechanism, but enough for me to show. is what is shown.

    Really good “How-to” on WWS here:

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